The Cultivated Pig BBQ Menu

$52 per person

Sides & Salads

  • Baked Potato Salad | Cheddar Cheese | Scallions | Bacon | Paprika
  • Smoked Mexican Street Corn | Black Peppercorn Aioli | Cotija Cheese | Tajin Seasoning
  • Texas Style Beans | Onion | Cilantro | Pinto Beans

From the Smoker

  • Slow Smoked USDA Prime Brisket (can be a Carving Station option)
  • Hickory Smoked Spare Ribs | House Dry Rub
  • Smoked Turkey | Cumin-Garlic Rub (can be a Carving Station option)

*** Enhancement to Carving Station: Slow Smoked Reverse Seared Prime Tomahawk Steak $30 pp


  • Tangy BBQ Sauce & Spicy BBQ Sauce
  • Pickled Vegetables | Green Bean | Red Onion | Cauliflower | Beet | Carrot

The Cultivated Pig Catering Sandwich Menu

Choice of Two Sandwiches – $34 per person, Three Sanwiches – $44 per person

  • Pulled Pork Sandwich: Succulent Pulled Pork w/ Tangy BBQ Sauce on Texas Toast
  • Chopped Brisket Sandwich: USDA Prime Brisket w/Tangy BBQ Sauce on Texas Toast
  • Smoked Turkey Breast on Multigrain Bread w/ Herb-dijonaise, Lettuce, Tomato, Pickle, Bacon, and Provolone Cheese
  • Coleslaw: Pickled Onion, Bell Pepper, Carrots, Red & Green Cabbage, and House-made Dressing
  • Choice of Assorted Chips or Baked Potato Salad: Cheddar Cheese, Scallions, Bacon, and Paprika
  • Soda | Water | Tea

The Cultivated Pig Tacos

  • Brisket Taco – Pico de Gallo, Cotija Cheese, Prime Brisket $6 each
  • Pork Belly Taco – Pineapple-Tomatillo Pico, Lime Crema, Smoked Pork Belly $4.50 each
  • South West Grilled Chicken Taco – Pico de Gallo, Cilantro, Corn, Beans, Avocado Crema $3.50 each
  • Smoked Turkey Taco – Pickled Onion, Corn, Avocado, Spiced-Chicarone $4 each